About Us

TSYRK is a designer womenswear label, with a focus on sculptural, tailored garments, incorporating feminine silhouettes and whimsical, couture-like detailing. Our world is one of reverie, translating to nostalgic color pairings, trompe l'oeil features, unexpected details and clever versatility.     

Founded by our creative director, Kori Chiang, TSYRK is the of physical realization of and homage to the designer's mixed Asian-American heritage. Chiang believes in an intellectual approach to design and putting a cerebral, modern lens on classic silhouettes. 

Chiang is captivated by the whimsical aesthetics we find in our environs - since the concept of TSYRK first formed in her mind, she has remained focused on surprising design details that emerge from a juxtaposition of tangible, "everyday objet" references and an opposing concept of rigidity and uniformity. The result is an ironically playful mood. 

The phonetics of 'tsyrk' translate to 'circus' in various languages - a word that evokes the dream-like fantasy of our label's design ethos.